Cottage Address:

74 Fire Route 6a,
Havelock, Ontario, K0L-1Z0

latitude = 4.50285,
= -77.7904055556 
refer to Map




1) 401 East bound to at HWY-35 / HWY-115 (at EXIT 436) refer to Map #1

2) Go North on HWY-35 / HWY-115 (towards PETERBOROUGH. (58 KMS)). HWY-115 ends at
    HWY-7(east) which is the east bound exit towards OTTAWA

3) Travel eastbound on HWY-7 East towards OTTAWA (33 KMS).  You will first pass through town
    of Norwood then approx 10KMS later you will hit town of Havelock.

4) Go through small town of Havelock (2 minutes!) At the end of the town will be flashing amber
    lights.  Make left at amber lights onto County Road 48 (Mary Street) and then an immediate right
    to continue on County Road 48. refer to Map #2

5) Go East Bound on County Road 48 (8.5KMS).  County Road 48 will then make a sudden stop
    going east and will sharply turn left to go north.  Go Northbound on County Road 48 (2.1KMS)
    till you reach driveway of Fire Route 6 (directly opposite this entrance is a large grey barn with a
    red roof). refer to Map #3

5) Continue along FR 6 until you hit a fork in the road where you will then continue on the left side
   (FR 6a) pass the fork.  When you reach what will seem like the end of the FR 6a, you will come
   across a light blue cottage.  We are the slightly hidden red cottage directly to the left of the blue
   cottage. refer to Map #4


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